Sefton Fross Managing Partner, Mrs. Olayemi Anyanechi and Senior Associate, Enovwor Odukuye contributed to the 2017 Foreign Investment Review, ‘getting the deal through’.


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Sefton Fross wishes to announce our recent contribution to the foreign investment review, getting the deal through.
The foreign investment review is an international publication published annually by Law Business Research Limited,
a team of international legal experts. Sefton Fross contributors this year were: our Managing Partner, Mrs Olayemi Anyanechi
and Senior Associate, Mrs. Enovwor Odukuye.

The foreign investment review discusses mainly the various laws, both local and international, that govern foreign
investments in different parts of the world and Sefton Fross is very proud to be associated with it and to be the
only contributor from Nigeria.

Getting the deal through provides international expert analysis in key areas of law, practice and regulation for
corporate counsel, cross boarder legal practitioners and company directors and officers.

The foreign investment review can be read here…