Intellectual Property

Sefton Fross intellectual property practice, comprises of lawyers who are skilled at selecting the right options to fit each client’s business strategy, whether they are assessing an IP portfolio, performing due diligence for an acquisition, securing a patent, trademark, trade secret or copyright, or using litigation to resolve business disputes over infringement or misappropriation. We help our clients protect their investments, consolidate on their market share and strengthen their competitive advantage.

We take a proactive approach to today’s emerging issues in the development, protection and exploitation of intellectual property assets. We are uniquely positioned with a full-service IP practice that is fully integrated with other practice areas within the firm.

Litigation And Enforcement

Our Clients rely on us, to fully protect their intellectual property assets and to enforce them. We work with the firm’s dispute resolution practice, in representing clients as plaintiffs and defendants in claims involving patent, trademark and copyright infringement, and other IP-related violations at Superior Courts in Nigeria.

Counselling And Prosecution

Sefton Fross seeks always to give its IP clients a comprehensive approach to their intellectual property portfolio. We work with clients in developing and protecting their intellectual property to meet their current business objectives and to anticipate future demands. By taking such a complete approach to intellectual property portfolio management, we are strategically positioned to protect the intellectual property assets from the moment of creation and help clients build a profitable intellectual property portfolio.
This approach includes leveraging the firm’s capabilities to ensure maximum tax advantage, effective licensing protection and even the securitization of revenue streams from intellectual property assets.
Our lawyers are experienced at identifying all necessary steps to change the way client’s rights are developed and protected, including trade secret procedures, employment agreements, registration and enforcement. This is the core of the firm’s intellectual property services and is the real reason our clients have reposed so much confidence in us.


We regularly advise our clients on the best and practical approach towards penetrating the market through strategic business combinations and alliances. We work regularly in conjunction with other practice areas within the firm on transactional matters, which includes the negotiation and drafting of domestic and international license and transfer agreements, due diligence reviews and intellectual property ownership strategies in connection with mergers, acquisitions, divestures, joint ventures and corporate reorganizations