Practice Areas

At Sefton Fross, we pride ourselves on our sector strengths which cover diverse areas of the law practice area.

What we do

Banking and Finance + -

At Sefton Fross, we advise across the full range of legal banking and finance matters, acting for parties ranging from multinational lenders private equity firms, local and international banks, export credit agencies, to growth corporations. We constantly provide legal advice on banking and finance issues for issuers, underwriters, borrowers, and lenders, as well as deploying our expertise in handling complex, cross-border banking and finance transactions for prominent financial institutions and corporations.


We offer our clients direct insight into the sophisticated financial markets, enabling them to anticipate issues, manage the risks and succeed in their businesses. We have the requisite expertise to advise on a wide spectrum of financial products such as Acquisition Finance, Infrastructure and Project finance, Structured finance, Asset finance, Fintech. Islamic Financing, Debt Financing, Shipping/Vessel Financing, Real Estate Finance, Corporate Finance amongst others.


With some of the most highly regarded lawyers in our firm, our distinguished team brings to bear market leading expertise to the most complex, Pan-African, and cross-border banking and finance transactions. Operating in the heart of Africa, we are exceptionally positioned to respond to the ever-changing dynamics of the micro and macro-economic markets which enable us deliver seamless and tailored solutions for our clients.


We advise on the full spectrum of legal banking and finance matters from regulatory and policy developments to the day-to-day operations of the myriad clients we frequently represent from global financial institutions and multinational corporations to governments and government agencies.


3 Key client needs:

  • We work for either a borrower (an individual or a company), or a lender (usually a bank) so whichever side of the aisle you are we have the required expertise to put your needs first.
  • A fair and watertight deal.
  • Providing Up to date Knowledge of key Market trends in the Financial Sector to enable clients make better business decisions.

Corporate Advisory + -

The corporate advisory practice involves providing general and specific advice on financing issues, corporate governance issues, shares and share capital etc. for public and private companies, corporations, financial institutions, and government clients. Corporate advisory is also targeted at rendering services to public and private businesses who require strategic and tactical advice in identifying opportunities and strategic options for public and private mergers and acquisitions, IPO, capital markets advisory and project advisory.


With lawyers grounded in the legal and commercial developments of Africa and with clients that span the globe, our experience drives our focus to provide streamlined and practical advice to our clients, whether private or public entities, that are suited to achieve their intended goals.

3 Key client needs:

  • Legal Advice and solutions tailored to client’s business goal.
  • Corporate advice on corporate governance issues, share capital and shareholder rights including re-denomination of share capital, etc.
  • Legal advice and support on regulatory and compliance issues of one entity by another.

Company Secretarial and Regulatory Compliance + -

Our company secretarial practice team handles all aspects of secretarial services for our clients from business establishments to registrations and filings at the Corporate Affairs Commission. With our extensive knowledge of local regulations and our multijurisdictional capabilities, we are well-positioned to working alongside company directors and shareholders to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements under the Companies and Allied Matters Act and any other law or regulation governing our clients’ business, thus mitigating risks and keeping our client’s business interest in the fully alive.


We act as trusted adviser to our local and multinational clients on domestic and international corporate issues including corporate law, sector-specific regulations, relevant listing rules, liability, and risks for board directors and as well as good corporate governance practice. We help our clients navigate the different legislations and practice codes relevant to corporate governance and corporate responsibility. We work to ensure that new companies with foreign equity participation in their capital structure the necessary statutory investment approvals, including registration with the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission and obtaining of the relevant business permits. 


As a fundamental pillar of our firm’s philosophy, our lawyers remain abreast all corporate commercial, corporate governance and regulatory compliance developments affecting the Nigerian and global economy. It is this grounding that not only enables us to navigate the often-complex industries in which our clients operate, but also to deliver targeted advice and solutions.


We are proficient in providing services relating to conducting and convening meetings, maintaining the required records, and notifying the various regulators as and when required.

3 Key client needs:

  • Business establishments, Registrations and Filings and Returns
  • Maintenance of all statutorily required books of companies and records.
  • Obtaining Pre and Post Licenses and Permits for businesses.


Contract Negotiation and Documentation + -

With an array of sound and intelligent Lawyers, we are able to negotiate contracts to suit the needs of our clients while also eliminating or reducing to the barest minimum potential risks which clients may be exposed to. We offer Contract management services and as such advise clients on proper execution of contracts based on the terms as well as negotiating the terms of any contract renewal. Where there has been a breach of a term or terms of a contract, our dedicated team represents clients in court or other dispute resolution arrangements to seek redress and adequate damages.


At all stages of a commercial matter, whether it be implementing a structural change or executing a business decision, contract negotiation and documentation is key to ensuring the success of that transaction.


At Sefton Fross, we are adept at shaping contracts, negotiations and legal documents in a way that best encapsulates our client’s commercial anxieties and protects their interests, whilst ensuring a fair agreement for all parties involved.

3 Key client needs:

  • Contract Negotiation and Drafting.
  • Contract Reviews to mitigate risk and ensure compliance with applicable laws.
  • Contract Enforcement

Data Protection and Privacy + -

It is no news that today, one of the world’s most valuable asset is data. The right to data protection and privacy is an internationally guaranteed right, and the importance of data protection and privacy increases as the amount of data created and stored continues to grow. Data protection and privacy therefore involves the knowledge, understanding and application of both national and international data protection laws and regulations for electronic governance and monitoring of the use of electronic data in both private and public sectors of the economy. 


As the world witnesses the exponential growth of the telecommunications and technology industry in Africa, opportunities abound for the positive and developmental advances across the continent.

The dependence on data provided by the largest telecommunication companies and internet service providers has contemporaneously highlighted the need for an in-depth understanding of the robust international and local standards and regulations for data protection and privacy.


Our experience of advising prominent clients and working on cutting-edge transactions in this regard has enabled us to develop the expertise.

3 Key client needs:

  • Legal advice on general issues arising from the application or the breach of data protection laws.
  • Legal representation in cases of breach of data privacy.
  • Legal drafting.

Debt Capital Markets + -

Debt Capital Market which involves raising funds by trading debt security is an important practice area that covers rendering advice to corporate issuers on the raising of debt for acquisitions, refinancing of existing debt or restructuring of existing debt.


Sefton Fross has a robust team of experienced lawyers who advise   on a wide range of complex, innovative and high-profile transactions. Our team also advise issuers, underwriters, dealers and selling shareholders on debt securities, including corporate and government bonds.

3 Key Client Needs

  • Execution of debt issuances
  • Legal advisory services
  • Legal drafting

Derivatives + -

The firm advises clients with respect to the full range of over the counter (OTC) and exchange-traded derivative products, and also provides clients with regulatory advice across key jurisdictions and advises on complex investigations and litigation matters involving derivatives.


A derivatives law practice involves a versatile approach to the financial markets, which reflects the broad range of participants and products in this market. Clients include private equity funds, broker-dealers, hedge funds, securities and futures exchanges, insurance companies, clearing corporations and pension plans, commercial and investment banks, limited partnerships, as well as any commercial enterprise that is the “end user” of these products. Products on the other hand, include interest rates, currencies, commodities, securities, and credit. In addition, the firm provides counsel with respect to developing products and structures, such as those pertaining to climate, durability, and property derivatives.


Products may be used to hedge, manage, or contemplate several risks, such as interest rates, equities, agricultural, energy, credit, currency, and weather risks to name a few. The products are often specifically tailored to meet the particular needs of the end user. All these products and all these participants are potentially subject to multiple federal, state, and foreign laws based upon the nature of the enterprise, the nature of the product and the nature of the transaction.


An experienced law practice in this area will focus both on the transactional and regulatory aspects of the market. The transactional aspects require experience in the documentation, design, and negotiation of the product to obtain the desired commercial objectives while simultaneously optimizing the applicable regulatory treatment. The regulatory practice will focus on everything from the securities and commodities laws to tax and bankruptcy treatment. Conclusively, depending upon the context in which the matter arises, expertise also may be required in the underlying business or in litigation, business fraud, securitization, and corporate mergers & acquisitions.


As an area wrought with regulatory technicalities, Sefton Fross has exceptional capability in the area of Derivatives with internationally acclaimed lawyers who constitute a highly skilled and specialised team accustomed to serving the niche goals of a plethora of clients which include banks, insurance companies, investment advisers and many more. We have been involved in several pioneering transactions that have resulted in our firm developing advisory expertise in different derivates products.

3 Key client needs:

  • Meticulous attention to documentation, negotiation, and structuring.
  • Experienced lawyers to advise on sophisticated investigations and litigation matters involving products.
  • Strict supervision and management of potential risks to minimize exposure.

Equity Capital Markets + -

The equity capital market is a subset of the broader capital market, where financial institutions and companies interact to trade financial instruments and raise capital for companies. Clients include companies in a variety of industries, including technology, entertainment, consumer retail/restaurant, entertainment, life sciences and health care, industrial energy, and financial institutions.  


We represent issuers and underwriters in a full range of offerings, including:

  • Initial public offerings
  • Convertible debt offerings
  • Investment grade and high-yield debt offerings
  • Direct listings
  • Equity-linked securities, including convertible, and exchangeable bonds.
  • Exchange and tender offers
  • Private placements and registered transactions
  • Rights offerings
  • Secondary and follow-on offerings

The combination of our lawyers’ experience in advising entities of all sizes and global institutions on navigating the Nigerian equity capital markets makes us one of the leading firms with specialist knowledge in this practice area. Such experience covers the listing of companies on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, advising on the current and pertinent regulations governing the markets, rights issues, and private placement transactions.

3 Key client needs:

  • Drafting and negotiating security offering documents and regulatory opinion letters.
  • Advice in connection with any tax, corporate and regulatory issues that may arise.
  • Ability to understand the intricacies of the underlying business of the transacting companies.

Intellectual Property + -

Our Intellectual Property (IP) rights Team is keen on protecting and exploiting Intellectual property at every stage of innovation. We advise on a spectrum of IP matters including registration of trademarks, Patents and Designs, trademark Opposition, Copyright, Licensing and transfer of IP rights, Trade secrets, Domain Names, IP rights maintenance etc. We also provide services in IP Portfolio management and commercialization of IP Assets. Bearing in mind that IP infringement is on the increase, we offer expertise in seeking redress in court for infringement on our Clients’ IP rights.


Crucial to the success of any business, from start-up to a century old corporation, from entrepreneur to the new-age influencer, intellectual property has become the currency of our time. In a continent brimming with creativity inspired by cultures, traditions and a rich history and new era inventors who are constantly developing innovative ways to fill historic gaps or produce new medicines, our intellectual property practice is experienced in providing commercial advice to all entities on aspects of intellectual property including trademark and copyright protection as well as pursuing actions for infringement.

3 Key client needs:

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Documentation (Registration, filing, and Maintenance)
  • Licensing and Assignments of IP Rights
  • IP Audit/Due Diligence

Mergers & Acquisitions + -

As businesses respond to the everchanging economy, the demands for innovative and creative forms of mergers, acquisitions and corporate reorganisations are required to ensure that businesses withstand all economic fluctuations. At Sefton Fross, we provide the contractual framework that helps our clients achieve the optimum value from corporate reorganisations while advising on legal, regulatory and tax considerations that may affect the transaction.

We have advised clients on some of the largest and innovative public and private M&A, disposals, demergers, joint ventures and restructurings in Nigeria. We have also led corporate reorganisations in sub-Saharan Africa.


Mergers & Acquisitions generally refers to the amalgamation of two separate entities to make either a completely new entity or expand the capacity of one entity while the other ceases to exists. There are many reasons why a corporation may decide to pursue the M&A process including diversification, gaining a competitive advantage and to increase in market share. As a general umbrella term used to describe the consolidation of two entities, an M&A can take the form of a merger, acquisition, consolidation, purchase of assets or management acquisition.


A transaction under this practice area would involve lawyers for both the buyer and seller and while the goal of the two parties is unified, the lawyers on both sides will have slightly different legal obligations.

As a law firm well versed in the commercial realities and technicalities of an M&A, we have in-depth experience and knowledge of the intricacies and nuances that are behind a seamless transaction. Our expertise and technical capabilities have been retained for a number of legal services in this regard including:

  • Advising on the best business arrangement to suit the client’s purpose
  • Advising and securing the appropriate financing for the suggested arrangement
  • Reviewing, drafting and negotiating key terms of the transaction documents as required.

3 Key Client needs:

  • Creative thinkers with local expertise and commercially sound understanding of the nuances the client’s market.
  • Conducting extensive due diligence in a speedy and timely manner on the target company.
  • Review and drafting of air-tight transaction documents that meet the needs of the client.

Policy Advisory + -

Policy and regulation heavily define the business environment in any given economy. Policy advisory involves researching, analyzing, and providing strategic advice that cuts across complex regulatory and legal policy issues and supporting their implementation. 


As a direct result of globalisation, growing importance has been placed on the substantive policies of various organisations, whether for profit or not. Our policy advisory team at Sefton Fross consists of smart and intelligent lawyers, with enviable research, analytical and writing skills. Our lawyers have a deep understanding of judicial precedent and the legal system which places us at a vantage point to offer cogent advice to our clients about policies that may impact them.


Our experience in advising pan-African sovereigns, financial institutions and corporations alike demonstrates our diverse abilities and in-depth understanding beyond that of a traditional corporate commercial law firm in ensuring the most suitable policies are not only adopted but effected.

3 Key client needs:

  • Advisory services
  • Implementation of innovative regulatory provisions to successfully navigate public policy. 
  • Drafting and documentation

Private Equity + -

Private equity refers to an alternative investment type in which capital from investors, whether institutional or high net worth individuals, which is used to invest in a business in exchange of ownership of that company and a return on that investment. The newly invested capital may then be used for a number of different reasons such as to fund new technology, to make acquisitions, expand working capital or to bolster and solidify a balance sheet. Such uses of the capital is all for the purpose of increasing the value of the company with a view to being sold in the medium term.


Typically, our lawyers are involved in the entire gamut of services offered in private equity. Such services include:

  • Extensive and thorough due diligence on the target company
  • Negotiating and drafting transactional and/or legal documents
  • Drafting memos on complex legal issues

Whilst a lawyers work in this practice area may revolve around business strategy, other aspects of private equity law include finance, tax and competition law considerations.


Sefton Fross is a leader in private equity practice. When the stakes are high and time is short, private equity leaders turn to us to develop creative strategies to help them structure transactions, mitigate risks, and close deals quickly. From ground-breaking, monumental acquisitions to smaller strategic add-on deals, our private equity team has implemented transactions with precision and care for established institutions, entrepreneurs, and emerging visionaries alike.


In Nigeria and across Africa, clients with complex private equity transactions trust our lawyers to understand the nuances of the most sophisticated private equity deals and to have the experience and knowledge to complete the most difficult transactions. 

3 Key Client needs:

  • Commercially savvy lawyers aware of the developments in the Private Equity space and the legal and regulatory developments in Nigeria that affect investors
  • Responsive team that works efficiently and speedily especially when under tight time constraints
  • An experienced team of lawyers with contextualized understanding of the local and international operation of Private Equity.

Project Development + -

Achieving ambitious project goals in a world where large-scale projects are subject to a range of challenges requires commercially astute lawyers who are aware and experienced with the nuances that may hinder or drive successful execution.


Sefton Fross is a go-to firm in project development. Our clients trust our services in this practice area because we render more than just legal advice on these projects. We identify ourselves with our clients’ business thereby providing the needed guidance through all aspects of a project’s development, financing, and operation.


Our team of project development lawyers have an outstanding reputation for regularly delivering on complex domestic and cross-border transactions, while also providing industry experience along with technical and practical insight in supporting sponsors and developers on matters that span the full life-cycle of projects – from development to financing and hedging to construction, completion and operation. We have successfully applied our expertise in some of the most complex development and financing transactions in Nigeria and across Africa.

3 Key client needs:

  • Commercial understanding of best modalities for carrying out the project goals
  • Targeted legal advice on the best financing for the desired project as well as ability to source potential funding opportunities.
  • Technically capable lawyers with an understanding of how to best draft transaction documents.

Restructuring and Insolvency + -

Restructuring and Insolvency proceedings involve introducing changes to a company to make it viable and profitable, given that it is currently unfeasible and unprofitable. A company would usually need a restructuring process when it faces a situation of economic and/or financial distress. These processes are usually implemented by way of contract between the company and its creditors. It can comprise implementing cost-cutting measures agreed with the creditors, such as the closing of unprofitable businesses and often involves a refinancing of a company's existing debts.


The firm has experience in financial and operational restructuring and insolvency procedures using the relevant statutes such as The Companies and Allied Matters Act 2020, The Finance Act 2020, The Investments and Securities Act 2007, among others. We are equally adept at pursuing solutions in and out of court, including creditor compromise procedures, security enforcements, debt rescheduling, liability management transactions, exchange and tender offers, refinancing, new money and distressed financings, debt to-equity swap transactions, equity capital raises, and strategic and distressed M&A transactions. As corporate governance is a key consideration in any stressed or distressed situation, we work closely with companies and their boards to identify and manage risk effectively, minimize fiduciary liability, and navigate stakeholder negotiations. 


Restructuring and Insolvency processes in Nigeria would typically involve:

  • Arrangement and compromise
  • Administration
  • Schemes of Arrangement
  • Winding-Up
  • Arrangement on sale 
  • Receivership
  • Buy-out (e.g management buy-out, shareholders buy-out, employee buy-out)
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Takeover
  • Purchase and assumption
  • Cherry Picking


Despite any difficulties, our team adeptly handles these matters, allowing clients to surmount the varied legal, financial, operational, and corporate governance obstacles that may arise in troubled situations, and reach their business or investment goals.


Sefton Fross undertakes loan restructuring and insolvency activities. In the busy Nigerian financial market, companies approach banks and other financial institutions for high-value loans to support their businesses.

The firm has established its reputation as a reliable and effective partner in the restructuring and insolvency business in Nigeria having assisted major players in the financial sector, such as lenders and borrowers in the repositioning of companies and the recovery of debt worth billions of Dollars.


The firm has developed a trusted approach to debt recovery, effectively utilising a combination of persuasion, ingenuity, and considerable help from law enforcement agents. We place a high premium on defining our clients’ needs and design the best legal measures to satisfy our clients peculiar needs.

3 Key client needs:

  • Maintain high levels of commercial awareness and excellent persuasive communication skills in order to deal with various bodies and stakeholders involved.
  • Carry out appropriate due diligence to minimize risk of exposure in regard to the transaction.
  • Generate accurate feasibility analysis of the different stages of the proposed operations to ensure the achievement of optimal results. This can be done through assisting with development of the restructuring plan, assisting the Board in the selection of the corporate structures to be used and reporting on legal and tax implications of certain choices.

Securitisation + -

Securitisation is a method of financing based on cash flow from assets or businesses held by companies, instead of their corporate credit ratings. Securitisation can be done within all asset classes, fields, and structural features and from domestic to cross-border transaction. However, securitisations tend to be backed by financial assets. Typical financial assets that are regularly securitised include: residential mortgage loans, commercial mortgage loans, credit cards and other unsecured consumer loans, auto loans, trade receivables.


Securitisation involves taking an illiquid asset or group of assets and, through financial engineering, transforming it (or them) into viable securities. Sefton Fross’ Securitisation practice group is a leader in this unique area. We render top-notch advice that enable us proffer meaningful solutions to our clients’ needs in several areas of securitisation. This includes advising on the various benefits of securitisation such as creation of liquidity by letting retail investors purchase shares in instruments that would normally be unavailable to them, backing up with tangible goods (especially loan-based securities), and reduction of liability which in turn allows for underwriting of additional loans.


At Sefton Fross, we believe all these elements would equip our clients with the necessary information needed to make informed decision. We have a team of sound lawyers who have participated in many securitisation transactions and are able to provide the critical guidance that these potentially complex structures require. Our services range from asset securitisation to financial and derivative products. 

3 Key client needs:

  • Structuring the transaction to ensure it qualifies as a true sale to protect it from being re-characterized as secured lending.
  • A full understanding of the drivers of profitability and how the business achieves growth.
  • Drafting closing documents for transaction execution.

SF Dispute Resolution + -

Our Dispute Resolution practice area is well structured to effectively cater for clients’ needs using the best possible means. Our dedicated practice structure provides clients with strong support. Disputes are usually decided by either litigation or ADR. Our Dispute Resolution practice area ensures to explore all available ADR means in resolving disputes before resorting to litigation as a final option. Clients trust Sefton Fross, not only to structure and run their deals, but also to solve problems when cross-border transactions cross the line into disputes.


Our team of lawyers have experience in advising leading corporations, financial institutions, international oil companies on high value and multi-jurisdictional disputes. Our firm has significant experience in resolving technical disputes through courts, investigations, and international arbitrations across a wide range of industries such as energy and natural resources, banking and finance, projects, and infrastructure and many more.

3 Key client needs:

  1. Bespoke advice
  2. Adequate representation
  3. Effective resolution of dispute.

SF Employment and Labour Relations + -

Our Employment and Labour Relations practice area renders top-notch advice on crucial employment, compensation, and benefits-related issues. We advise across full spectrum of employment, compensation, and benefits issues, including advisory and transactional, contentious, and non-contentious. This includes advising on issues from executive compensation, employment, incentives, labour, employee relations, disputes, HR policies and privacy, to restructuring, pensions and immigration.


Operating in an increasingly global economy means our clients must be well versed and informed of the local and international employment and labour laws that govern the work force, the demands of various labour unions and the competition that drives the hiring of talent across the world.


Our firm provides innovative, current, and tailored advice on several employment and labour matters including workforce restructuring in the context of corporate restructures, solutions targeted at employee retention and benefits and pension schemes in Nigeria.

3 Key client needs:

  1. Appraisal of the existing labour laws.
  2. Understanding of market practice and conditions.
  3. Commercial and practical workforce solutions.

SF PPP, Privatisation and Concession + -

Our PPP, Privatisation and Concession practice area assists clients willing to partner with the governments in Nigeria and across Africa for the purpose of financing social infrastructure projects by providing them with well-researched and informed legal advice on the regulatory compliance needed as well as preparing a stellar Concession Agreement.


As Africa continues to grow and its cities become more competitive, sustainable, livable, smart, and resilient, the opportunities to invest in both core and social infrastructure continues to grow, with significant infrastructure opportunities in the African market necessitating close collaboration between the public and private sectors. Many African nations are therefore highly interested in resolving the social infrastructure deficit and are willing to enter PPP collaborations to develop their countries.

At Sefton Fross, we have identified ourselves with the above development and are in the forefront of contributing our quota towards achieving these lofty objectives through rendering well-researched and informed legal advice to private investors willing to partner with the governments in Nigeria and across Africa for the purpose of financing social infrastructure projects.


Our PPP team is highly knowledgeable in the various laws that touch on PPPs in Nigeria and across Africa and is well equipped to prepare a stellar concession agreement that would incorporate the necessary terms for the protection of the interest of our clients. In addition, our PPP team is well positioned to advise clients on the processes, structure of and regulatory requirements of PPP transactions in Nigeria.

3 Key client needs:

  1. Knowledge of regulatory compliance needed.
  2. Understanding of the processes and structure of PPP in Nigeria.
  3. A stellar Concession Agreement.

Structured Finance + -

Sefton Fross’ Structured Finance Practice Group consists of lawyers who are highly experienced in this area of practice and who understand each client’s needs and work to achieve their objectives. Structured Finance is a sector of finance, specifically financial law, that manages leverage and risk. With a diverse client base that includes bank sponsors, underwriters, investors, rating agencies, swap counterparties, third party asset services and other service providers, and credit enhancement providers, our team of professionals can assist with both structured finance transactions and the development of new structured products.


In addition, our experienced lawyers often advise on more traditional structured finance and securitisation matters including collateralised loan obligations (CLO), credit card receivables, derivatives, sub-prime automobile loans, and trade receivables. We make innovative use of strategies such as legal and corporate restructuring, off balance sheet accounting, or the use of financial instruments to ensure custom solutions are created for our clients. 

3 Key client needs:

  1. Reviewing and identifying the credit risk on securities or structured loans
  2. Advising on assets to be isolated from financial risks,
  3. Advising on the transformation of illiquid financial assets into liquid and highly rated securities.

Sustainable Development Advisory + -

The business sphere has metamorphosed with great emphasis placed on the environmental, social and governance contributions of a company rather than just the balance sheet. As evolving practitioners, we navigate clients through the myriad of regulations, standards and requirements. We also advise on the best corporate governance structures, culture re-orientation and setting ESG targets. We work closely with boards in Nigeria and Africa to formulate policies that address investor concerns and cultivate a culture focused on sustainable businesses.

3 Key client needs:

  1. Advising on corporate governance structures and corporate culture
  2. Advising on regulatory compliance
  3. Provision of Board Advisory on a myriad of environmental, social and governance issues

Taxation + -

As nations' economies evolve, so does their tax regimes. At Sefton Fross, we pride ourselves on our strong national and cross-border tax experience. Our tax team has a track-record of successfully partnering with clients to proffer adequate and long-lasting solutions to the myriad of tax issues. We pride ourselves on our considerable experience handling tax-related matters for a diverse client base, including but not limited to financial institutions, private equity funds, multinational corporations, and emerging companies. Our rich familiarity with relevant tax agencies and their practice helps us render high-quality, well-informed advice, thus achieving consistent results for clients.

3 Key client needs:

  • Advising on identifying tax liability
  • Advising on compliance with the provisions of tax laws
  • Advising on the business structures to benefit from available tax incentives
  • Reviewing portions of (proposed) business transactions for tax considerations.

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