Our wealth of experience also spans various credible sectors from Aviation to Oil and Gas and etc.

Industries We Specialize In

Aviation + -

Sefton Fross renders cross-border services on aircraft acquisition, financing, insurance and other legal concerns in the aviation sector. The core mandate of our aviation team is to have first-hand awareness of aviation developments across the globe. This informs us in the course of navigating the technicalities of the world’s aviation industry to emerge with unmatched results.


The Firm boasts of a highly skilled and knowledgeable team which has over the years honed its expertise to handle intrinsic and complex aviation negotiations, transactions and aviation finance. We understand specific needs of various parties in the aviation sector, and we are equipped to improve our client’s commercial interests.

Construction + -

Sefton Fross provides extensive legal advisory and risk management services in the construction sector. We advise contractors, consultants, owners and insurers in negotiating, drafting and preparation of construction contracts and other related project agreements. We also advise on health, safety and environmental matters as well as procurement of relevant permits and licences.


Our valuable services include providing advice on all kinds of contracts which are operational in the construction and engineering marketplace as well as related expressions of interest and procurement issues, such as procedures for tendering, documentation of agreements and insurance.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods + -

The demand for fresh, quality commodities, high commodity prices and the increasing request for lower prices have increased the pressure for active parties in the consumer goods sector. Companies and corporate organisations involved in this sector must manage the expectations of the consumer while surviving the tough economic environment.


With sector-relevant experience and a genuine interest in Small and Medium Enterprises, Sefton Fross assists our clients from inception, through fund raising, investment and completion by providing commercial advice on a range of legal issues.


Sefton Fross is equipped to advise on conformity with appropriate legislation and regulation which is an integral element in the success in the sector. In addition to this sector specific commercial law advice, we assist our clients in solving an array of legal issues relevant to all businesses including employment, property sale and acquisition and dispute resolution.

Financial Services + -

Financial Institutions, Fintechs, Technology Companies and Regulators are instrumental in driving the economy. Having worked on several transactions at the cusp of the financial services sector, we have acquired resilient skills which are instrumental in seamlessly navigating through the sector and exploring the massive opportunities available to both existing stakeholders and disruptors in this space.


At Sefton Fross, we advise asset managers, investment funds, investors and other related parties. Our proficiency covers legal, regulatory, transactional and tax matters bordering on both contentious and non-contentious aspects of conceived transactions. Our team of seasoned lawyers work effectively to provide support to businesses at any point in the financial services lifecycle. We also represent an extensive variety of investors including pension schemes, sovereign wealth funds and other institutions, and are therefore able to give both managers and investors a sound perspective of the financial services marketplace.


Through a perfect blend of our clients’ experiences and our legal and regulatory expertise, we are able to apply our resources to gain an insight into the concerns and priorities of our clients towards achieving a more productive and successful journey for the client.


We represent clients across all areas of the financial services sector including providing preliminary advise, transaction structuring, drafting transaction documents, negotiation, general legal advisory, securing intellectual property, dispute management and resolution.

Infrastructure + -

Sefton Fross has a unique team poised to act in the infrastructure sector, providing effective legal support on economic infrastructure at all project stages. Our services cuts across procurement and project conception, contracts structuring and restructuring, advice on specialist areas including regulations, competition, planning and dispute resolution.


We offer unmatched support and assistance to owners, lenders and procuring authorities in managing operational public-private partnership (PPP) assets. Our experience in helping owners, managers, lenders and procuring clients in dealing with a wide range of operational and asset-related issues across all industries is renowned. Our brilliant team offers advice on appropriate and healthy funding solutions for a wide range of transactions including renewable energy generation and transmission, acquisition facilities for secondary market assets, refinancing and restructuring, public-private partnerships including education, health, roads and other forms of infrastructure.


Based on our extensive experience, our highly skilled and knowledgeable team offers immense support, channeled towards protecting the positive performance of assets as well as maintaining assets’ investment value and credit quality.


Regardless of the requirements, we help our clients resolve challenges and experience growth which are indicative of commercial and societal benefits.

Manufacturing + -

Our team is well-experienced and multitalented in providing legal services for manufacturers concerning the operations of manufacturing business concerns. We seek to apply our cross-disciplinary knowledge and real-time presence in advising clients on strategic decisions geared toward the profitable operations of manufacturing business outfits.


At Sefton Fross, irrespective of the kind of manufacturing venture being proposed, we advise on a wide range of crucial legal matters which require special considerations, especially in the current trading environment. Understanding that conscious business owners recognize the value of legal input in safeguarding their business concerns, we offer premium legal services which seeks to protect our clients from the growing impact of climate change, automation and disruptive business models on trade and industry.


We are instrumental in handling important issues such as product compliance, restructuring, commercial and procurement contracts, mergers and acquisitions, brand protection and other intellectual property considerations.

Mining + -

Sefton Fross has the capacity to assemble a team with a gamut of experience to advise on mining transactions. We understand the risks and socio-political factors that may impact transactions, and work toward navigating the issues to achieve a satisfactory completion for our clients.


We advise on the entire trajectory of your mining transactions, from exploration through operations and consequent closure. Our team places emphasis on understanding the commercial and practical aspects of your business to emerge with viable solutions. We are known for adopting a multifaceted approach to issues, capable of advising on transactions involving all major commodities and precious metals, including gold, silver, copper, zinc and iron ore.


Our work transverses regulations and investigations, due diligence exercises and policy evaluation. Well-equipped with sound knowledge of the mining industry, our lawyers are sure to deliver advanced solutions that practically fit into the contemporary realities of your business.

Oil and Gas + -

We render holistic legal services centered on the entire value chain of the oil and gas sector.  We represent developers, operators, technical services providers, governments, oil traders, energy associations, credit agencies and other financial institutions. With extensive regulatory and transactional experience, we are adept with dealing with issues arising from oil and gas transactions.


Our services in the oil and gas sector has been developed to match the extant situation and the projected changes in the industry. Hence, we advise on all aspects of oil and gas transactions and projects including mergers and acquisitions, farm-in/farm-out agreements, corporate finance, debt finance including reserve-based lending, project and structured finance, joint ventures/joint operating agreements, commercial (including joint bidding, production sharing and license arrangements, drilling, unitisation and pooling) agreements, offshore drilling and production pipeline agreements.


We pride ourselves as a team of professionals who from working with independents, majors, state oil companies, global service companies, offshore contractors, insurers, funders and investment banks in the oil and gas sector have garnered wealth of experience and expertise in this sector. We understand the global oil industry and are equipped to advice on local and domestic market issues.

Pharmaceuticals, Medical Products And Healthcare + -

The demand for affordable and effective healthcare, medical treatment and other services in the health care sector has become top priority across the globe as populations age and grow exponentially. Sefton Fross renders top notch legal services to the operators and active participants in this increasingly important sector. We act for companies and individuals such as pharmaceutical companies as well as healthcare providers and regulatory authorities.


We advise on the interpretation of health care laws, regulations and statutes that collectively oversee the administration of health services. We represent our clients in matters relating to their intellectual property (IP), Mergers and Acquisitions, joint ventures, partnership agreements, sales and distribution strategies. Sefton Fross advises pharmaceutical companies and other sector stakeholders on peculiar issues such as government and regulatory requirements, intellectual property disputes, and business organization.


At Sefton Fross, we also guide clients on legal avenues to capitalize on the existing policies in the sector and the present conditions of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry that will advance quality and efficient operations in this sector while rewarding their commercial interests.

Power + -

The power sector presents a myriad of challenges such as insufficient, limiting policies and bureaucratic bottlenecks which require guidance. With a vast knowledge of the industry, Sefton Fross is poised to help clients resolve issues encountered in raising sufficient capital, conducting trans-border investments, fulfilling regulatory requirements, attending to government inquiries and managing disputes. We have the requisite experience and an in-depth understanding of the related business areas and the legal framework to advise clients in the power sector.


As one of the key drivers for growth and development, the power sector requires and receives phenomenal public and private interests. Sefton Fross seeks to help clients navigate the policies that guide the sector. Our versatility imbues us with the capacity to advise a wide range of clients between financial institutions and independent power producers. Our occupation of instrumental positions in renowned Power Law organisations and our involvement in key government/public initiatives is illustrative of our acumen in the sector.


The value of our services is not limited by the complexity of the project nor the location of the project. We advise our clients through conception of proposed projects, acquisition and sale of assets, negotiating financing and completing project delivery through tangential business agreements. This is demonstrated by the many satisfied clients we have provided legal services to and the successful projects we have embarked on in the sector.


As the world turns toward renewable energy as the future of power sector, we are equipped to provide exceptional services to aid our clients maximize their commercial success in the budding industry even as the sector landscape continues to shift. We aim to deliver innovative solutions which protect and assert our clients’ commercial interests while championing sustainable growth and ethical business ideals.

Public Sectors + -

The public sector consists of governments and publicly controlled or funded agencies, enterprises and other entities that deliver public programs, goods and services. Governments around the world continue to face escalating scrutiny and demand for public services and infrastructure in an uncertain economic climate.


Our highly regarded lawyers frequently represent public institutions and private companies with respect to their dealings in the public sector. We understand the intricacies and restraints of public law and policies and are geared to respond to problems even before they arise. We work with government and other public sector institutions in overcoming daily challenges by providing assistance with respect to their advisory, tax and financial services.


We understand that complex government projects, privatisations and procurements require a high level of expertise and a large wealth of experience. Sefton Fross possess the ability to efficiently apply this experience and expertise to unique government/public sector-related issues.


Our lawyers have familiarized themselves with the application of industry specific laws in the public sector, possessing the ability to appreciate issues in context, holistically analyse the situation and contributing factors to proffer viable solutions.

Real Estate + -

Real estate forms a key part of the global investment market and has proven to be one of the gauges of economic growth of a society. Sefton Fross has developed a reliable real estate practice that carters to our clients who range between developers, owners, private and institutional investors, and corporate bodies within and outside Africa. We provide value to our clients by utilizing our understanding of industry trends and their impacts on business to advise on ways to navigate the complexities of the real estate markets.


Our real estate practice boasts of a team capable of deep understanding of our clients’ assets, approach and objectives; banking on our affinity to the client’s needs to deliver results that exceed expectations. Even as the real estate market grows more competitive and complicated, we are prepared to guide clients through the hurdles.


Sefton Fross offers market-leading advice to clients, securing their real estate interests in transactions which may be tied to any of our practice areas. Our clients are assured that we will manage the intricacies of their transactions and disputes, synthesizing legal and commercial knowledge to provide them with advice that will produce beneficial results/outcomes.


Our expertise in the real estate sector is all encompassing. We grounded in developments, investment, leasing, planning, environment, construction, and the property aspects of corporate and financing transactions. Supported by the wider resources of the firm, Sefton Fross aims to give excellent advice on all important legal challenges. We assist in acquisitions and disposals of real estate properties, outsourcing, planning and execution of development projects. We work across all sections of the real estate industry, acting on some complex and high-profile investment and development projects. 

Shipping and Maritime + -

The Shipping and Maritime industry is a capital-intensive sector with great potential for immense growth. We represent individuals and companies currently working in activities that are directly and indirectly related to oceans and seas in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.


At Sefton Fross, we help protect and advance the rights of our clients where they are involved in circumstances resulting in maritime claims. We ensure that any issue regarding maritime law is delicately handled to ensure our client’s satisfaction.


The team helps interpret legislations that govern various aspects of the maritime industry, and advice on commercial maritime transactions, restrictions and other considerations in the sector. including safety aboard ships and pollution from vessels. We handle the full spectrum of transactional and regulatory matters in the Shipping and Maritime space on behalf of our clients.


The members of our Shipping and Maritime team have reputation for the quality of its advice they give in relation to maritime and shipping issues. Sefton Fross is equipped to handle legal concerns pertaining to vessel acquisition, ship building, major losses, marine insurance matters, shipping contracts, flag state registration and the cabotage trade.

Telecommunications, Media and Technology + -

The telecommunications, media and technology sector is rapidly growing due to our fast-paced changing society. At Sefton Fross we understand the business, the law and the regulations in the telecommunications, media and technology sector. With unique knowledge that comes from a plethora of experience, we offer clients a wide array of capabilities in the telecommunications, media and technology sector.


Our Telecommunications, Media and Technology Practice is on the cutting edge of the sector. The Practice Group is made up of dedicated lawyers at the forefront of legal and commercial developments to aid our goal of assisting our clients to identify opportunities and forestall challenges.


Driven by innovative thinking and toward ambitious challenges, we have amassed considerable knowledge in the sector regulation, especially regarding access, interconnection, licensing, numbering, spectrum, tariffs and unfair commercial practices. We advise our clients on the impact of new developments in the technology and media space and the solutions to potential concerns.


Sefton Fross understands that the sector requires lawyers that are well-versed in the latest market changes and retains a team with a good grasp on information on commercial drivers, financing structures and the latest matters in the sector. We are skilled in advising on statutory applications for operating in the sector, procurement contracts, inter-relationship agreements and business structure.

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